Bonpet Ampoule - product description

The BONPET automatic fire extinguishing ampoule represents a high-tech product and outcome from longtime research and development work of Japanese universities. The development of chemical formula has been continued by European chemical engineers, and turned the BONPET fluid into one of the strongest fire extinguishing substances in the world.

The BONPET device containing 600 ml chemical fluid in a sealed ampoule with 1 mm thick glass walls and dimensions Ø 80 х 280 x 1 mm, total weight 1030 gram, not pressurized (not containing propellant gases).

This solution is hundred per cent safe, does not contain toxic substances hazardous for health and is environment friendly. In the meantime, during the fire extinguishing process are generated degrading products (gases) that are also not harmful for humans and environment, this successfully certified by internationally recognized certification bodies and European laboratories.

The BONPET device is appropriate and applicable for extinguishing of fires of Class А (solid fuels), Class B (liquid fuels), Class C (gaseous fuels), Class F (cooking oils) as well as fires of Class E – electric equipment running at voltages of up to 60 000 Volts (i.e. transformers in HT distribution networks), without causing short circuit.

During the ten-year service life the device is maintenance free, for not containing propellant gases, not requesting for electricity, sensors or actuating means.

It does not cause damages to machinery and electronic equipment and does not leave residues.

All the ampoules are checked and sealed manually.